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And since Litecoin is based off of Bitcoin, that means Litecoin’s development team can implement most of Bitcoin Core’s updates with just a little tweaking needed here and there. Litecoin is also headed up by Charlie Lee; a brilliant developer in his own right who has a great deal of respect in the crypto space. In other words, think of Ethereum like Microsoft. Final Word Bitcoin is doing so well that it’s understandably hard to fathom it getting beat out any time soon. Well, you’re not alone in thinking that, as new users have been flocking to Dash in droves in 2017. Just how much they change the “game,” however, depends on a lot of moving variables that can’t fully be account for right now. If anything, it’ll take place over the course of several years. 34sharesWith the bitcoin price flirting around the astonishing $10,000 USD milestone, it’s starting to look like nothing can stop BTC. But this is life, and life can end up being stranger than fiction in many cases. Another thing to consider is that Ethereum has the charismatic and prodigal Vitalik Buterin as its face and leader. Consider, for example, how the Bitcoin network recently experienced unprecedented congestion — high wait times and high fees. But this competitive shift doesn’t have to take place in the near future. If Tangle takes off, then the rest of the crypto market could be playing catch-up with IOTA’s market cap for good. Dash Dash is currently testing all-time price highs above $600, and for good reason. Tangle is highly scalable and lets transactions be facilitated without the need for fees. With the bitcoin price flirting around the astonishing $10,000 USD milestone, it’s starting to look like nothing can stop BTC.

As such, ETH may conceivably be the #1 crypto one day bitcoin pos software. Tangle, as it’s called, is the revolutionary tech behind IOTA. If Bitcoin dies, it’ll likely die or wane gradually after being superseded by newer, more efficient technologies like IOTA’s Tangle. Accordingly, if Ether and the Ethereum Virtual Machine really do end up revolutionizing society from the ground up, they definitely can root out Bitcoin’s dominance. If Dash can solidify its position as the superior payments crypto, then it could eventually take the #1 spot — even if it’s just a darkhorse now. Cryptocurrency will displace the central bank money. What we do have, though, is a few promising crypto projects that could presumably fill in Bitcoin’s shoes if BTC ever really were to take a seriously shocking tumble or otherwise be supplanted. It’s going to be one hell of a ride for everyone in the crypto space in the mean time. Now all of us in the crypto space are starting to wonder: has critical mass finally been reached for mainstream adoption. These perks make using Dash as a crypto-payments vehicle extremely easy, which could attract commercial users and mercantile payments processors in the years ahead. Perhaps Ethereum will be the #1 crypto one day bitcoin pos software. Part of every block reward released during the Dash mining process goes into a development fund for the Dash team. That fact alone could be enough to power BCH into the top spot of the crypto top 10 per market capitalization if enough choppiness were to rock Bitcoin itself. And with the incredible power struggles, and even power shifts, that have been occurring in the cryptocurrency space as of late, it’s clear that the path forward is still very much unsettled. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Litecoin Litecoin has many of the perks of Bitcoin, while having other advantages over BTC like faster and cheaper transactions.

” Falkvinge added, “So some cryptocurrency is going to be worth a lot of money. But where Bitcoin’s answer to the question of scaling is the implementation of SegWit and the Lightning Network, Bitcoin Cash’s response is to increase its chain’s block size to 8MB. The fundamental point to consider here is a superficial, or aesthetic, one.Siacoin.
. ” Definitely; trying to surmise which crypto could eventually beat Bitcoin is absolutely a gamble right now. Bitcoin Cash The result of the August 1st hard-fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is BTC’s de facto sibling. During a recent interview with the press, Swedish Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge suggested that this hypothetical dynamic could materialize over the long-term. Obviously, a great number of things would have to happen first for LTC to hit #1. He may prove yet to be an incredible steward for his project. To that extent, Ethereum and its associated crypto fuel, ether, has limitless adoption potential in streamlining and optimizing business, law, governance, fintech; you name it. We’ll just have to wait and see how Litecoin continues to do. But make no mistake: we’re still a long way away from seeing Bitcoin’s current dominance challenged in any serious way. Ethereum As the current number two crypto by market capitalization, Ethereum is the premier cryptocurrency platform for smart contracts and “programmable” money. Just like virtually everything is built on Microsoft software nowadays, so, too, could most of the world’s activities be moved onto Ethereum. .Quantstamp.PIVX.

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